Paramount Ice Thornhill is Offering a New Option to Book Our Ice Facilities

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Experience the Ultimate Flexibility with Paramount Ice’s Terracover:
Your Key to Seamless Events.

We are thrilled to introduce Paramount Ice’s Terracover, a game-changing solution that allows us to unlock the full potential of any of your significant event needs.
With Terracover, Paramount Ice can effortlessly transform our ice arena into a dynamic multi-functional space, catering to a wide range of events beyond ice skating and ice hockey.
Whether planning concerts, exhibitions, boxing/wrestling matches,
Moto X shows, graduation ceremonies, religious festivals, motor shows, boat shows, charity events, dinners, or product launches, Paramount Ice’s Terracover has got you covered!
Contact us today to learn more about how our solution can elevate
your event.

What is the Terracover Ice?

The Terracover Ice is designed for Ice arenas to be truly multi-functional, with ice hockey one day, basketball the next, and a concert, trade show, or exhibition the day after.

Safety is of paramount importance when large crowds are involved and the Terracover Ice is the safest of all ice covers with a non-slip finished floor surface.

Its patented design offers the very best in thermal insulation and because the top surfaces overlap there are no gaps between the tiles to let the cold through or melt the ice.

Terracover Ice Rink Rentals FAQ’s

Is the Surface
Safe to Walk on?

Terracover Ice is a non-slip finished surface
with thermal insulation built in to avoid any
cold air leaking out and making the
surface safe to
walk on.

Where is
this available?

This is available to book at our Thornhill location on either one or two 20,000 sq/ft ice rinks.

How to Book?

Either use our online booking system
or contact us
☎︎ (416) 551-5306

What can we offer?

With this new cover we can host almost any event from graduations, exhibition, charity events and even moto X racing!
Our options are as endless as your.

Restaurant and Alcohol Services

We have a restaurant that is overlooking both rinks and offer delicious food option as well as catering services for your events.
The restaurant is fully licensed as well.

Where it is?

We are located at 130 Racco Pkwy,
Thornhill, ON L4J 8X9.

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