Prepare to be dazzled by the extraordinary Paramount Exhibition Centre!


Imagine a sprawling canvas of endless possibilities, a colossal space spanning over 17,000 square feet, ready to transform your dreams into reality. With room for up to 2,215 attendees, this venue is a haven for those with grand visions!

Nestled strategically in Thornhill, Ontario, it’s a mere 15-minute joyride from the Toronto Pearson Airport and a quick 20-minute adventure to the vibrant heart of downtown Toronto.

But that’s not all! This gem of a venue boasts a breathtaking 30-foot-high ceiling, a multifunctional layout that’s as adaptable as your wildest imagination, comprehensive kitchen facilities that will make even the most discerning foodies swoon, and a dedicated dining area for the ultimately culinary experience.

This is not just a venue; this is your canvas, your stage, your masterpiece in the making. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. The Paramount Exhibition Centre is the place where your vision becomes an unforgettable reality. So why wait? Make the call, book your appointment, and let the magic begin!


Recognizing the distinctiveness of each company, we provide tailor-made packages that align with your individual requirements. Whether it’s about choosing the menu, crafting the decor, or setting the perfect lighting, we collaborate closely with you to fashion an event that authentically mirrors your brand.

Exquisite Culinary Services

Elevate your event with our in-house catering, guaranteeing top-tier quality for the food and beverages, ensuring a memorable experience for your guests.

Seamless Event Coordination

Allow us to manage the planning, granting you the opportunity to unwind and savor your event without a hint of stress. We oversee all the intricacies and logistics, enabling you to concentrate on what truly matters.

Comprehensive Offerings

Our array of services, spanning catering, bar service, and event coordination, simplifies the planning process, ensuring a seamless experience.

Elevate your expectations with the Paramount Exhibition Centre
–where excellence meets your imagination!
Our unwavering commitment to perfection sets us leagues ahead of the competition.

Engaging Exhibition
that Sparks Curiosity

Industrial-style Assembly
that Oozes Sophistication

Corporate Gathering
that Exudes Professionalism

Lively Concert
that Electrifies the Crowd

Heart-Pounding Thrilling Boxing
or Wrestling Match

Moto X Extravaganza
that Thrills the Senses

Graduation Ceremony
that Lingers in Your Memory

Solemn Religious Festival
that Resonates with Tradition

Captivating Boat Show
that Takes You on a Voyage

Impressive Motor Show
that Turns Heads

Heartwarming Charity Event
that Touches Souls

Dynamic Product Launch
that Leaves a Lasting Impression

The Paramount Exhibition Centre is your canvas for all these dreams and more.


What is the Terracover Ice?

The Terracover Ice is designed for Ice arenas to be truly multi-functional, with ice hockey one day, basketball the next, and a concert, trade show, or exhibition the day after.

Safety is of paramount importance when large crowds are involved and the Terracover Ice is the safest of all ice covers with a non-slip finished floor surface.

Its patented design offers the very best in thermal insulation and because the top surfaces overlap there are no gaps between the tiles to let the cold through or melt the ice.

Your event, your vision, and we’re here to make it happen seamlessly.

Don’t wait, call us now at 416 551 5306 ext 3 or message us to book an appointment.

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